Sunday, August 21, 2011

antique carved wooden doors in Montreal

These heavy wooden doors on the campus of McGill University have persevered through Montreal snowstorms and summer humidity for over a century, stalwartly protecting each of these buildings from the elements since their original construction in the 19th century. Even today each set of antique doors remains the principal entrance to each of these three buildings - the Redpath Museum, the Architecture School, and the Redpath Performance Hall, respectively from top to bottom. And each one has its own personality, incorporating motifs ranging from the organic to the neoclassical.

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.


  1. Very beautiful door design! I think it's hard to do carvings and it looks antique so that makes it more special.

  2. These heavy doors in Montreal are special example of antique carved wooden doors that have witnessed over hundreds of years every kind of conditions without loosing their original art that makes these durable and attractive. Thanks for this helpful information.
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